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O&M is all about preserving the values of a place

Operation, Maintenance and Cleaning of the Prophet Mosque project can be divided into 5 sub-projects with a manager on each project responsible for the welfare of his project. The sub-projects that are under the main project can be listed as:

  • Civil and architectural section: this project is concerned with maintaining the architectural and civil assets according to a planned preventive maintenance plan by using latest technology and most advanced equipment and tools handled by qualified technicians. The reason for this meticulous process is two parts, first due to the holiness of the place and second to satisfy the duty that this job requires in order to get the results in the perfect way, this can be seen daily when we look at the columns brass caps that always shine while also the marble floor that is always very clean. The same goes to the brick, glass and umbrellas.

  • Prophet Mosque Air Conditioning section: for the comfort of the worshipers the engineers designed the system of air
    conditioning to match with the capacity of the Prophet Mosque aiming at full comfort. This system is composed of a feed line 900mm in diameter that carries the cold water from the plant to the Mosque with 7 km path. This line is divided in the Mosque to 3 sub feeders to feed every part of the Mosque (east, west and old Mosque). The pumps pump the cold water from the central plant to the air handling units so that the heat exchange is done to send cool air to the Mosque. The return water is then pumped again to the central plant to be cooled again and so on. In all cases there is always spare capacity of pumps. For old Haram the pump capacity is 700 gal/min at 80ft while east and west are fed with a 3200 gal/min at 99ft. and 3000 gal/min at 123ft. respectively.
    The cold water network is of 2000 meter long with 900 & 100 mm in dia. pipes In the Mosque basement. The air handling units are divided into two groups, one group to carry the fresh air from outside the Mosque to be heat exchanged with cold water with exchange range of temperatures between 21 to 26 degrees. This air is pushed into the Mosque basement through air ducts to cool the Mosque air. These ducts reach 1500m in length.
    This project also includes the operation and maintenance of hydraulic systems and Zamzam water system with fire-fighting and rain water drainage.

  • Electrical operation and maintenance section: This is very essential project for the proper operation of all other systems as power is essential to all other systems. The power system is divided into 4 groups: the first group is the main plant with 11 substations. Second group is the lighting. The third and fourth groups include motor control and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) with capacity between 10 to 200 KVA.

  • Low current section: This includes all building automation such as:

    • Fire alarm system which is composed of 78 closed circuits for more than 1000 smoke detections in addition to 4 main panels that control the Mosque doors and 12 panels with schematic diagrams to show the location of each function and what it does.
    • The Central Clock System: This has central clock that controls 4 subcentral clocks which control 100 wall mounted clocks.
    • Wireless communication system.
    • Book alarm system: This is located in the Prophet Mosque upper libraries and the rare books library, the system gives alarm when a book is taken out of the library.
    • BACS (Building Automation And Control System): This system controls through a central control room with 6 units connected by central service provider which analyses different data through 65 panels that collect information from 7000 sensor points including the control of opening and closing of domes and umbrellas.
    • CCTV: This analyses through cameras the number of people entering and leaving the Mosque.
    • Sound System including amplifiers.
    • Halakat System.

Cleaning, Prophet Mosque Services and Zamzam project:
2700 employees are carrying the services in this project with 500 equipment used to carry out the service this consists of the following:

  1. General Cleaning Services: The general cleaning of the Prophet Mosque, piazzas, toilets and car park is done all day around where mopping floors is repeated and washing the piazzas is done 3 times a day in order to keep clean appearance. The toilets are washed and cleaned 5 times a day after each prayer.
  2. Sukia: the Sukia process starts by supplying Zamzam water at 150 tons a day during normal days and 300 tons during season. The water thermoses are filled and distributed daily with a capacity of 4000 thermos which increase in season to 14,000 thermos daily.
  3. Services including collecting garbage and moving it with an average of 60 tons daily in Ramadan to 15 in Hajj season where as in normal days it is only 6 tons.

Civil Special Security Project: This is an important department where it carries out the following works:

  1. Follow up of entry and exit of all employees to and from the Prophet Mosque.
  2. Carrying out site rounds in all locations using all possible means.
  3. Follow up on safety precautions and the equipment used for safety.
  4. Protection of all Prophet Mosque assets and follow up on any problems.
  5. Operation room that receives all requests from the Haramain Presidency.

Central Plant And Services Tunnel Project:

This project consists of the central plant for water cooling and power generations. It is located near the Hajj city in Madinah on the Universities road with an area of 70,000 sq.m. and building area of 11,000 sq.m. it is divided into sections:
The cooling central plant which consists of 6 cooling units from York with each one producing 3400 ton refrigeration
each unit has two water pumps each with 250 horse power capacity.
Emergency Power Generation Plant: Consists of 8 generators each producing 2.5 Megawatt at 3.8 KVA to feed the necessary systems in case power failed from main feeders, the load will be carried out from generators in less than one minute.

Car Park Project: which has under its functions:

  1. Civil section: Provides all operation and maintenance of the Car Park and external piazzas and toilets and east extensions and the granite work outside the perimeter and the Riyassah Building and east extension.
  2. Electromechanical Section: includes the mechanical systems such as A/C and pumps related to fire fighting and rain water drainage and Zamzam water filtering.
  3. Elevators and Escalators.

The parts under this project can be summed to:
– 250 umbrellas controlled by 23 electric panels.
– 436 air fans.
– 2 stations to clean sprayed water.
– 218 high pressure pumping units.
– 4 stations to control wind.
– 1832 wudo units.
– 6912 toilets.
– 44 escalators and 12 elevators.

What was listed above is just part of this whole systems and of what being carried out in the operation and maintenance of this Holy place under the supervision of highly qualified engineers each in his field of work to keep the Prophet Mosque always at the top level whether technical or cleaning or the services provided to worshipers from all over the Muslim world.

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January 18th, 2006


The General Presidency for the affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque





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