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About Us

Saudi Binladin Group Operation and Maintenance is a division dedicated to the domain of the Operation and Maintenance in SBG Group. This division has been known for their keenness to be technically equipped to cope with challenges of the era. Always aiming high when it comes to the quality of the service rendered. Today as we enter the third Millennium and its new challenges, an exclusive Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) improved in house has been installed to cover most current undertakings made by the Division. The O&M vision foreseeing the advantages of latest technology, has automated all Departments processes. Presently, the O&M communication inter-link Network, covers the important O&M projects within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, reflecting a considerable reduction in overhead cost, expediting work procedures among our Engineers and Technicians for faster corrective measures and thereby, increasing the efficiency of our services on sites.

Statistics show that 200 million people are connected on the Internet worldwide and that online retail sales are projected to be in the range of $40 to 80 Billion by 2002. The O&M will be among the pioneers to utilize the E-Commerce in promoting its services. Specialized services, offered by our Affiliates, United Saudi Maintenance & Services Co. (USMS) and Saudi Services Company Limited (SSCL), are presently undergoing major changes to become compatible with the demand of the public at large. Those Specialties are structured as potential franchises that can be applied and introduced throughout the Kingdom.

Demand for renewable resources will surge in this Millennium. Photovoltaic (PV), which convert sunlight into Electricity, will prove itself to be a resourceful technology for the entire Arabian Peninsula. The O&M has already established itself in that domain and can offer solutions to projects in remote areas. In addition, since SCECO’s last consecutive rates hike to their electricity charges, they have introduced PV to the commercial sector of the market as part of an overall solution to help them achieve major cuts in their electricity bill. The Umbrella System at Madinah Haram. Those undertakings are keen to help the O&M division cope with the challenges of the new Millennium, as we foresee an enhancement in our market penetration and a diversification in the future resources of revenues. Starting with approximately 200 employees in 1988 in three projects valued at SR 35 Million, SBG O&M today has on its payroll 13,000 employees in 200 projects with a contractual value of SR 600 Million. Mainly, the O&M will persevere in its conquest to develop a more efficient, better trained and well equipped manpower, to offer major cuts to our consumer base while maintaining our market recognition in the SBG O&M Quality of Service.

Saudi Services Company Limited (SSCL) is a Saudi wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Binladen Group . It offers proven and state-of-the-art solutions to sophisticated technical problems in the field of high technology maintenance including steam and gas turbines, industrial boilers, heat exchangers, power plants, chillers, potable and waste water plants.

In the electrical and mechanical fields, SSCL can provide the following specialized services:
• Maintenance and Overhauling of Gas and Steam Turbines
• Cleaning of Industrial Boilers and Gas Exchangers
• Diesel Power Plants Start-Up, Operation and Maintenance

Additional specialized services include:
• Testing & Commissioning of Switch Gears & Transformers
• Water leak detection and repair
• Thermographs Technology
• Testing and Calibration
• Electronic Devices Services
• Water Laboratory
• Residential Utilities Services
• Operation & Maintenance of (STP) Sewage Treatment Plants

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United Saudi Maintenance & Services Co. (USMS) is a wholly owned Saudi company, founded in 1992. Our prime objective is dedicated to excellence in the field of Landscaping, Irrigation and General Maintenance Services. USMS is committed to meet the requirements of ISO-9002 Quality System.
When in need of a green-keeper, call on USMS, a slogan well earned by USMS since its inception. The harsh desert conditions of Saudi Arabia can be very challenging and United Services have met those challenges in all the fields of their activities. We offer a complete package covering Design, Procurement, Installation, Operation and Maintenance to various undertakings. Projects of all sizes receive equal attention and are treated to meet Clients’ satisfaction.

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Our Leaders

Saudi Binladin Group Operation and Maintenance is a division of the Saudi Binladin Group, so our leaders are the SBG supervising committee, SBG board members and SBGOM executives.

Eng. Turki Al-Amri
Eng. Turki Al-AmriSBGOM Acting CEO
Acting Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Binladin Group Operation and Maintenance
Eng. Abdullah Al-Raimi
Eng. Abdullah Al-RaimiSBGOM Deputy CEO
Deputy CEO for Operations & Joint Services – Saudi Binladin Group Operation and Maintenance
Eng. Khalid AlQoaiz
Eng. Khalid AlQoaizBIHG CEO
Chief Executive Officer of Binladin International Holding Group

Recent Works

Our scope of work is not limited in one type of projects, we are matching with the 2030 vision which has common targets with SBGOM such as Haramain O&M, Airports, Mosques, Hospitals, Aramco stations and Municipality works..

Trusted Partners

The list of partners is growing.. they depend on SBGOM, and that’s no coincidence. They know we are always ready for their needs and that, with us, they will get tailored O&M support and valuable expertise.

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