We offer an array of different services to suit your specific needs. From integrated Facility management to soft services like buildings Cleaning, Security, and Landscaping, to hard services like Technical maintenance, Energy Management and Finishing Works, our teams are at your disposal to find the perfect solution.

Single Contract Steers All Our Services

Outsourcing your facility management services to SBGOM frees up your time, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.
We provide, through our various business lines, a global solution and a multi-business scope that covers your needs in a holistic way: multi-services, multi-technical, multi-sites, national and international.
Customers can benefit from a single contact to steer and secure all their required expert services and their numerous technological/regulatory specificities. This makes your life easier and allows you to concentrate on your core business.

facility management

SBGOM has perfected a process that guarantees high performance and a seamless flow between all various stages of the outsourcing process:

  • Preliminary studies and due diligence, prior to the project
  • Integrated engineering and management of service solutions
  • Steering and implementation of a results-orientated contract (SLA/KPI, reporting, progress plans)
  • Project Management support Services provided to buildings.


Services Provided to Buildings:

  • Technical maintenance
  • Energy efficiency
  • High and low voltage
  • Heating, air conditioning, ventilation, smoke extraction (HVAC)
  • Plumbing
  • Grounds maintenance.

Complete Range of Professional Cleaning Services

SBGOM’s cleaning activity has proven its expertise to become a major operator of cleaning services, in office, hospital or industrial environments. SBGOM’s cleaning service line provides a complete range of professional cleaning and associated services adapted to the needs of each and every client.
SBGOM’s team of industry experts will develop a cleaning plan that creates the right environment for your business with an approach tailored to meet your needs, hence improving productivity and your clients’ experience.
By choosing SBGOM, you will be assured of an approach that is specially configured to suit your business where you receive consistent elevated standards and an enhanced environment.

We provide executive cleaning services and specialized building cleaning to an elite market. These services include: Floor Polishing, Chandelier Cleaning, Hygiene Supplies & Services ceiling cleaning, Water Damage Restoration, On site waste management, Industrial sanitation, Air quality and Anti-parasite treatment.

Maintaining a Safe and Productive Environment

SBGOM is capable of managing the maintenance of any type of technical installation. With the versatility and technical expertise of our highly-experienced team of engineers, we will work closely with you to create a solution that is right for your business to deliver all your building maintenance needs.

Technical Services

  • All types of technical works: Air conditioning, Heating, Plumbing, ventilation, gas
  • Facility engineering: managing technical installations, managing sub-contracted services
  • Technical maintenance: HVAC, high and low voltage, management of fluid networks, Managing security equipment for goods and people
  • Managing industrial utilities
  • Energy performance
  • Monitoring and prevention

Technical Services

Providing Services To Airports

Our clients can benefit from a tailor-made solution to provide assistance to airports, SBGOM’s expertise covers airports across the kingdom, including major and local airports. Maintenance includes measures to keep or restore the operational function as well as measures to check and to evaluate the present function of an element through professional inspection, servicing and overhaul, and repair.

We assist Airports by compiling standard operating procedures, predictive preventative maintenance plans and schedules for equipment, infrastructure and facilities. Assisting with Service Level Agreements for Infrastructure and Equipment.

Our maintenance program include the special types of lights, Light maintenance procedures, Light measurement, Lamp replacement, Removal of water, Markings, Schedule of maintenance, Power cables and distributors in field, Transformers and regulators, Transformer stations for electric power supply, Relay and switch cabinets, Control cables, monitoring units, control desk, Secondary power supplies and generators.

Our services also interlude:

  • Cleaning of surfaces
  • Cleaning of contaminants
  • Cleaning of pavements
  • Removal of rubber deposits
  • Fuel and oil removal
  • Cleaning of slot drains
  • Drain pipes or culverts between surfaces and collector basins
  • Water hydrants
  • Maintenance of green areas within strips
  • Maintenance of grass on unpaved runways
  • Maintenance of green areas outside strips
  • Lighting and electric equipment
  • Air conditioning system
  • Heating facilities
  • Automatic doors
  • Elevators
  • Fixed fire protection installations
  • Safety Department.

Safety First..

SBGOM is providing multiple and integral security services to organisations throughout the kingdom. Our customers fully trust our expertise and professionally tailored security solutions. We meet the demands of security services and crowd safety related issues within the construction, commercial, retail, industrial, and sports and leisure industries.

SBGOM is following high standards of professionalism and expertise and is recognized nationally and internationally. We operate with flexibility, confidence, and continuously endeavor to meet the ever-changing requirements of our clients.

Our Safety & Security services are adapted to the diverse needs of our customers, and our highly skilled teams and trained security professionals are working closely with the clients to create an integrated security strategy.

SBGOM is also certified to ISO 45001:2018 “Occupational Health and Safety Management System” to provide a framework for managing OH&S risks and opportunities. Hence to prevent work related injury and ill health to workers and to provide safe and healthy workplaces; consequently, it is critically important for the organization to eliminate hazards and minimize OH&S risks by taking effective preventive and protective measures.

We work with you to find the system that best suits your needs according to international codes insuring the utmost safety for your buildings and businesses, providing you with the option to maintain all systems by a highly competent maintenance team working within your schedule.

SBGOM aims to meet the security needs of the public and private sectors in the kingdom, continue to develop security services, keep pace with growth and excel in providing services to customers, and foster human resources to maintain the good reputation achieved by the company throughout its history.

Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance Services

SBGOM and USMS’s experienced and knowledgeable grounds maintenance teams can create and maintain landscape solutions that are tailored to suit our customer’s needs. From lawn care and maintenance to flower bed design and hedge cutting, and much more, USMS works with a whole range of outdoor spaces and has the knowledge to ensure that they are properly maintained and look beautiful all the time. The activities include the maintenance of grounds, gardens and sports fields, in addition to the creation and design of green areas and sports fields.

Our landscaping services include:

√ Tree management.
√ Tree pruning.
√ Slaughter & stump removal.
√ Fertilization.
√ Treatment.
√ Urban spaces.
√ Local authorities.
√ Private and public sites.
√ Parks and gardens.
√ Industrial sites.
√ Reforestation.
√ Tree management.
√ Protection and rehabilitation of natural sites.


SBGOM’s health, security and environmental management processes are certified by the most demanding international norms (ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001).

Trusted Partners

Many customers have already placed their trust in SBGOM, we provide services to private and public companies and operate in a variety of different environments including facilities and sectors.

Let Us Do The Heavy Work

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