The King Abdul Aziz Center for World Cultural

known by its name “Ithra”, is located in the city of Dhahran on an area of 85,000 square meters where the first oil well was discovered in Saudi Arabia. It was officially inaugurated on 1/12/2016 by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz. The vision of the founding King Abdul Aziz towards the future was to establish a World Renowned Cultural Institution and a model for social development through education and cultural exchange.
The corner stone was laid by Late King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, who promised to continue enriching knowledge and benefiting from science, innovation, arts and culture. Saudi Aramco then oversaw the implementation of the entire project in accordance with the LEED standard of leadership in environmental design and energy. Khidmah Saudi Company Limited was awarded Facility Management Contract in 2016.

  • The Cultural Center includes a “Center for Innovation” and Oasis for Children which is the f[rsr museum of its kind for young people in the Arab world, the Museum of History, art halls, library, archival center and many other features.

  • The exterior design is unique in terms of modern architecture. It is a network of steel pipes that surrounds the entire building with a length of 35 km, using symmetrical curves that add aesthetically pleasing to the building rather than using flat lines. The design features are considered as a challenge just to give a metallic appearance and shining gloss.

  • The development plans of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are concerned with modern gardening and increasing the green area within cities for their important effects on environment and economic, social and aesthetic aspects.

Landscape and Vegetation

In parallel, United Saudi Maintenance & Services Company has developed its capacity as a company specialized in designing, implementing and maintaining Landscape Services and Vegetation with the best possible means of Operation and Maintenance as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

  • USMS handles Landscape and Irrigation at the King Abdul Aziz International Cultural Center in a professional manner where it deals with all greenery in the cultural center, including indoor plants, annual flowers and green spaces on the main entrances to the building, main roads, and all buildings and accessories.

  • The project includes a “Green Wall” within the World Cultural Center, the largest wall of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the Saudi Arabia logo is placed in White Flowers and is irrigated by a complete drip irrigation system.

  • USMS also provides Irrigation services, including surface, sub-surface, sprinkler and drip irrigation. Automatic irrigation programs are important factors required to determine the exact quantities of water needed by plants depending on the type of plant, the type of soil and the surrounding climatic conditions, as well as the method of irrigation to be used and the daily irrigation schedules for each area and the number of plants or areas to be covered per day.

  • All maintenance and follow-up operations are performed on a daily basis by qualified engineers and supervisors and skilled technicians at the sites’ in accordance with the best standards for maintaining the overall form, training the workforce and applying security and safety conditions. In coordination with Aramco supervisors, we have prepared a number of performance indicators to ensure that we measure our performance and the extent of our success in doing the work accurately.

  • KACWC will hopefully be our gateway to other new projects with Saudi Aramco.